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Online Courses

Welcome to ELITE’s 21st century way of teaching Aesthetic Medical courses.

You are saving huge on the actual course fee, travel expenses, accommodations, and you don’t have to take time off work or reschedule your patients.

Online Training Course

With ELITE’s online training courses you are able to select your own date and time; and you can learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office.


All the necessary materials, documentation and resources are provided to you as downloads and you will be able to email ELITE with any questions you may have.


ELITE’s online training is the most cost effective way to get certified in Aesthetic Medicine applications while receiving the most updated and comprehensive material available. I know you will ABSOLUTELY LOVE this Botox Cosmetic online training!


Online Courses are an extremely valuable resource for many medical professionals who just cannot take out time from the practice or if costs associated with other training modalities are a concern.


With our comprehensive online training you can select the course, date, and time. You will be able to take the course at your own convenience. The courses are presented in the format of a slideshow, with a document library, and supporting video materials and demo’s when indicated. Your online course will allow you to go at your own pace, fast forwarding and rewinding at your own leisure. At the end of the course you will take an online test and once completed, a certificate is emailed to you.


Online Training & Home Study

How It Works
  • Select the course or training you wish to take
  • Complete the online training/home study registration form
  • Pay the appropriate fee for the course online or contact us via phone at 1-844-608-9488.
  • You will receive an email wihin 48-hours, containing a link and code which will give you access to the online training for 5 business days; or in case of the home study course you will be emailed or mailed the home study course materials (including the test).

The online training consists of a course syllabus or a slide-show, and supportive video materials and/or demos. You will be able to download all course materials, including the hand-outs, customizable treatment forms, research, vendor information etc. Technical support is available at no extra cost whenever necessary!
Upon completion of the training, complete the TEST (simple, 10 question True or False test) and click ‘submit’. Upon receipt of your test, we will forward you a Certificate by e-mail.


  1. Purchase your online training or home study course of choice (visit the course page or call us directly for assistance).
  2. Check your email containing link and access code to your online training; or in case you select the home study course you will receive the course materials by email or mail.
  3. Complete your online training within 5 business days; your home study course time frame for completion is unlimited.
  4. Submit the Test.
  5. You will receive your Certificate by e-mail within 3 business days.
  6. Share your ELITE experience with other health care professionals and receive credit towards future training!

(1) No travel expenses, no accommodations necessary .
(2) Save travel time.
(3) Select your own date, time, place and course .
(4) Learn at your own pace.
(5) Materials and resources provided as downloads or mailed directly to you.
(6) The absolute most cost effective option!
(1) No Live interaction.
(2) Questions need to be emailed to ELITE or are answered by phone.
Support from ELITE will be available to assist you.


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